Windows Live Mail Error 0x800c013e After Windows 10 V2004 Updates

I had to return the computer before I got this one fixed. I started with reformat and re install windows 7 and ran the other way. The only ones I didn’t get to were related to hardware. Though I did remove the battery and let it chill for a bit and looked at the hard drive, not sure why I didn’t just unplug it for a bit. Anyway if I get that sob back I will try those other things. It runs just great except for that annoying message.

We provide24/7 serviceswith customer support and guarantees customer satisfaction. Best solutions are provided just by sitting at home and solving the error issue with the help of expert professional technicians. Now go to the windows service, find the windows update and after right-clicking on it, click on start to initiate the process of update. Head to the windows now to see if the issue is fixed or not because it probably should by now. While many users reported that they face several errors while operating Windows Live Mail. In this post, we will focus on some of the common errors encountered, with an effective solution to solve them.

  • Open the Event Viewer to see if ‘’the Device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 has a Bad Block” still can be seen in new events.
  • If they don’t work scroll down and try the next one.
  • What this Stop error apparently indicates is that a kernel-mode program generated an exception that the error handler didn’t catch.

You can read & follow our instructions to do so. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below. Corrupted cache or data or Windows Live mail app can cause this issue. You can repair Windows Essentials Suite in order to fix the issue.

CHKDSK checks every file on your hard drive, finding issues and fixes the files. This program works for any file system error that’s related to your actual hard drive, meaning it’ll work for most errors. For most of the users After performing the Above steps the file system error solved. But still, you are getting the error then you must check your hard for Errors. Because Bed sectors on Hard disk can occur a number of problems and the file system error is one of them. So that we recommend to run the windows chkdsk command to check and repair Hard disk errors.

What Is System Failure In Dbms?

For more information on CMCC message format, see the “CMCC System Error Messages” chapter. When the recommended action of an error message advises that you contact Cisco technical support, open a case with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center . Please see the section “Contacting TAC by Using the Cisco TAC Website” in the preface “About Cisco IOS Software.”

It may sound odd but in fact memory problems can be responsible for a vast array of different errors on a system where testing your RAM might be the last thing you think of. This isn’t actually error 0x8004210A windows 10 mentioned that much around the web as a solution to the disk read error problem, but believe it or not, this was my problem. I used a tool called Memtest86+ and ran tests on my RAM, and indeed there were problems. After experimenting between different sticks and RAM slots I eventually deduced my RAM slot 2 was damaged because the sticks worked fine in the other slots. If I had to rank typical computer problems by severity, I would say “a troubleshooting tool that actually bricks your system instead of helping you out” would sit toward the top of my list. After that, wait, as the official fix will roll out automatically to your system. Run sfc /scannow command to scan and restore missing corrupted system files.

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There may be a possibility that a particular email could be the reason for this error. Delete that message and try to send a different one.

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