Ecommerce Design Mistakes

The design of your e-commerce site is an essential factor in the success of your online business. It improves user experience, showcases your brand and helps with your search engine optimization. But, it’s also possible to make mistakes that could cause damage to your sales. From ineffective platforms to a lack of calls-to-action and design flaws, these ecommerce mistakes can cause conversion optimization problems.

Avoid these ecommerce mistakes to increase sales and provide a great online shopping experience.

Too too much information:

Many designers, who don’t have the proper understanding of ecommerce design try to include as many elements as they can on their site. This creates a chaotic appearance and may confuse customers. Additionally, too much information can stop shoppers from making a purchase decision.

Poor image quality:

High-quality product visuals are key to the conversion of online shoppers. This is especially the case for ecommerce websites that sell clothing and accessories. It’s important to include numerous images and photos of each product, so customers can look at all the specifics and features of the item. Make sure that the images are clear, and showcase the product from all angles.

Not enough explanation of products:

The primary reason for a buyer visiting an eCommerce website is to find out more about the products they’re interested in purchasing. It’s important that your product descriptions are simple to comprehend and free of words and phrases.

Too many clicks

Online shoppers have little patience when it comes to slow-loading pages. A long loading time can deter customers and cause them to abandon your site. To avoid this, you should use responsive e-commerce designs that adapt to mobile devices and allow shoppers to sign in using their Google or Facebook account.

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