Best Virus Protection For Mac

While Windows PCs often make the news for being the target of the most vile malware, Mac computers aren’t immune to digital nastiness. This is why we’ve reviewed and tested the most effective antivirus protection for mac available to keep your Apple computer secure.

Our choices offer near-perfect malware detection rates, packed with essential security features such as ransomware protection, phishing defenses and microphone and camera guards. They also provide a gentle impact on system resources and deliver great performance. Some, like McAfee or Trend Micro were rated top of the line in independent laboratory tests.

Apple’s security tool, Gatekeeper, is pretty good at thwarting most malware, but it can be tricked by clever attacks that are designed to exploit flaws that are not present in the Mac OS itself but in third-party software that runs on top of it. Stand-alone virus scanners can be helpful.

Comodo offers a free anti-virus program with an easy-to use interface. It can scan any file your system has accessed. Quick scans are completed in minutes, while an entire scan of your system could take up to two hours. You can program these scans to run on convenient times to ensure that your Mac does not become clogged up.

Malwarebytes has been eliminating the full range of Windows threats since 2006, and it’s no surprise that its Mac version is also effective against them as well. Its installation consists of three digital music files. This makes it a small add-on to any system. It doesn’t provide real-time protection, which means it’s not able to stop an attack when it happens. However, a complete analysis of your system takes a couple of hours, and its minimalist design ensures that it doesn’t interfere with other software.

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